The Birkeland Centre for Space Science – Animation

The Birkeland Centre for Space Science - Animation

Visualizing the research that answers why northern lights and southern lights almost always appear different.

In recently published research, scientists from the Birkeland Centre of Space Science at the University of Bergen can finally provide answers on how assymetries between northern lights and southern lights are formed, and also how they disappear.

The answers behind these phenomena are both surprising and a ‘big deal’ in terms of how we understand Geospace and the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.

We had a great experience working with the scientists at BCSS, first to truly understand the phenomena and the science and second to use our skills to convey these largely invisible forces visually in a way that would make sense to both fellow scientists and the population at large.

The press release with the publications and the animation have been picked up by more than 30 media outlets, you can visit The University of Bergen, ScienceCodex, American Geophysical Union or Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet to learn more.


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