It helps to be a bit nerdy.

We combine 3D-technology with marketing and storytelling.

Mount Visual remains dedicated to deliver industry relevant content with both high quality and a high detail level.

To do this successfully we need a combination of technical insight and understanding as well as skilled visual artists.

But perhaps most importantly, we need a nerdy enthusiasm for our clients’ products and services.

At Mount Visual technical heads and visual hearts come together for our clients needs.


Helping businesses communicate visually and digitally.


Taking measures that work

We are here to add value.

The content we create is meant to contribute every day, make communication efforts easier and strengthen your brand.

The industries we work for are riddled with businesses that deliver technically complicated products and services, which are often hard to explain. With our solutions you will maintain a balance between technically correct and efficient marketing.

Here are some of our projects.


“Mount Visual helped us appear more relevant to our target audiences. They are both skilled and efficient.”
– Arne B. Riple, Managing Director, W. Giertsen Services.

An agile company with a lot of experience.

Many of our clients have given us their trust through several years, during both industry highs and industry lows. We remain both humble and grateful to all our clients and partners.

Whether you are the leader in your market or just getting started in your industry we will find the best solutions for your specific challenges and your allocated budget.

We are also happy to work with agencies who want to strengthen their relationships with their clients by having us help out for a while.

Don’t hesitate in reaching out – we would love to hear from you.

Kjetil Fjellbirkeland

Managing Director
+47 920 15 684

“A solid job done with great enthusiasm. I recommend working with Mount Visual, they deliver!”
– Ingibjörg Meyer Myklestad, Director of Communcation, Argentum.