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Preventing future accidents

In recent months, we partnered once again with SAYFR, this time led by the brilliant Dr. Torkel Soma, to create a comprehensive Major Accident Awareness program for BW Offshore, a renowned international company in the floating production solutions sector of the Oil & Gas industry.

Our collaboration facilitated a dynamic blend of storytelling techniques and technical approaches, driven by our client’s deep appreciation for the power of visual communication.

The final content package comprises two impactful 3D animated case films examining past accidents in detail, along with a film exploring lessons from different industries, notably the story of the Boeing 737 Max 8.

Supplementary elements include 2D animations and filmed discussions with Dr. Soma, covering topics like cognitive biases and the psychology surrounding failures.

The package further provides speaker notes for facilitators, offering a complete framework that engages both emotions and intellect,  aimed at nurturing reflection and plenary discussions.

Our team is deeply thankful for being part of such a meaningful project – propelled by an ambitious client, a shared belief in our content’s transformative power, and a goal as clear and ambitious as preventing future major accidents.


“Mount Visual’s creative skills have made the complex subject of major accident prevention accessible to everyone within our company. It was a pleasure working with the Mount Visual team, and I would not hesitate to work with them again on future projects.”

Mike McAreavey, Head of Operational Integrity, BW Offshore.


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