Emerson - Interactive real-time visualization

Visualizing real-time data for a Fortune 500-company

For Emerson we have developed a realtime interactive visualization application for their multiphase flow metering technology.  A multiphase flow meter is a tool widely used in the oil and gas industry to monitor the content and flow inside oil and gas pipes.

Roxar, owned by Emerson, is widely regarded as producing the most reliable and technologically advanced multiphase meters available on the market. Using a wide range of different sensors, the meters outputs data that describes the mix between oil, gas and water, velocities, and distribution up to 10 times per second.

Since no one can actually see inside the pipes, the data must be interpreted by professionals to understand which flow regime is currently running in the pipes. To make this interpretation easier for their end-users, Emerson gave us the challenge to create an application that could give a realistic visualization of the measurements and data output.

The application we developed supports both live data as well as loading historical data or simply fiddling around with input parameters yourself (such as Gas Fraction and Water Liquid Ratio) and visualizing the result in real-time. The application exists as both an installation-free web-app, and a standalone desktop application.

The application is used by Emerson to support education, sales efforts and to add value to the multiphase meter offering to existing clients.


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O&G Operators, Metering Engineers, Asset Managers

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