A holistic experience: Big Blue


Big Blue is a joint venture between salmon farmer Lerøy Vest and Museum Vest in Bergen, Norway.

The background for the project is that Lerøy Vest was granted a viewing concession connected to aqua culture on salmon, trout and rainbow trout. As a viewing concession this one is unique, for the first time also including the production of algae and mussels through the project Ocean Forest.

Big Blue contains development of a fact- and knowledge-based exhibition on aqua culture with a bigger picture perspective, looking a biology, sustainability and technology. The exhibition is both physical and digital and is designed to a be a truly immersive experience for its audience. In Mount Visual, we had the pleasure of working on about 20 animations, or roughly 60 minutes of animated content for the exhibition together with our friends in design agency Haltenbanken.


Big Blue opened its doors, June 15th 2020.


Lerøy / Museum Vest

Fish farming

Target audience
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